This is Nicholas.

The rigid denim of his jacket crinkled as he pushed himself up off the grass. Taking note of the crack he had just tripped on, he looked down at his knees. Damn, just as he thought: a grass stain. Fuck it, nothing that Mommy won't be able to get out in the wash. And anyway, stains showed that he wasn't afraid to play hard.

Young Nicholas continued down the street in his sharp, if slightly stained, denim outfit. A pure denim demon. Holding Mommy's hand, he strained to remember where they were going. He cursed himself for being so enraptured by those animal crackers when she had told him earlier.

They were in front of a house now. Something didn't feel right and Nick's tiny lil arms got tiny lil goosebumps. That's when the door swung open to reveal four little girls wearing princess dresses. It hit Nick like a ton of Lego bricks; he was at a tutu party. Worse yet, he was the only boy there. The last boy on Earth. His mind reeled.

God have mercy; why had the grownups done this to him!? Sure, his denim jacket could stop a grass stain, but it was useless against what he was now up against - cooties. This was gonna be one hell of a party.

Mommy's voice cut through his daze. Let's see a smile, the traitor said as she raised the disposable Kodak Fun Saver to her eye. A steel resolve set in as Nick looked directly into the camera, daring it to blink first. He wasn't quite sure how cameras worked. Alright, you bastard, he gritted through he teeth, let's do this. 

There was a bright flash as the camera blinked.

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